Tyler Gonzales

I am a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at Yale. You can typically find me working on problems in analysis, partial differential equations, modeling, scientific computation, or mathematical physics. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and visiting my home in Minnesota. If you're interested, you can access my CV by clicking on this link.

Contact Information

Applied Mathematics Program

Yale University

111 Arthur K. Watson Hall

New Haven, CT 06511

tyler (dot) gonzales (at) yale (dot) edu

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Gonzales, T. & Scholze, S. (2021). Stability Bounds for Reconstruction from Sampling Erasures. In preparation for submission.

Bosch, H., Gonzales, T., Spinelli, K., Udell, G., & Zeytuncu, Y. (2021). CR-Embeddability of Quotients of the Rossi Sphere via Spectral Theory. Submitted.

Bosch, H., Gonzales, T., Spinelli, K., Udell, G., & Zeytuncu, Y. (2021). A Tauberian approach to Weyl’s law for the Kohn Laplacian on spheres. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 1-21.

Gonzales, T. (2021). Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Passage of Interplanetary Dust Particles. ASTRA: The McNair Scholars Journal, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 8-16.

Gonzales, T. (2017). Epsilon-Delta Definitions and Continuity. Parabola, Volume 53, Issue 2, 1-6.